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Raising Your Child to Love Reading


A. Reading Out Loud

B. Creating a Routine

C. Create a warm and calm environment

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Social Stories


Downloadable Short Stories

for Developing Minds​​

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Quick Tips

for Parents!

  • Rhymes, songs and predicable text

  • Repeated words and word families

  • Read a book many times pausing on a key word so the child can say it.

  • Have fun, laugh and cuddle!



Trelease, Jim. (2013). The Read- Aloud Handbook. (7 th ed.). New York, NY: Penguin Books.

  • Most important is to have fun!

  • Look at the cover and make predictions.

  • During: point out what is interesting to you and ask what they think is interesting.

  • Ask What is the problem in this story?

  • Discuss: what are their thoughts about how characters overcame their problems.

  • Talk about stories other times of the day and make connections to real situations.

  • Bring the author to life with online searches and see if they have a website.

  • Model good reading habits. Have books other good reads around the house.

  • Keep favorite books from earlier years in a special spot and they will treasure them!

  • Read-aloud while child is doing a quiet preferred activity or holding a toy.

  • If child insists on a certain book, take turns: first my choice, then yours.

  • Read the same book 3-5 days in a row to build familiarity, acceptance and desire.

  • Audio books from the library or
    a website

  • Ask relatives or friends to record books

  • Be sure to sit with your children while they listen and interact!


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