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Best Tip for Parents

Raise Your Kids to Love Reading with Read-alouds!

Read-aloud is…


Reading out loud to your child because the warm feelings will

be remembered and felt when they pull out a book!


Find a cozy spot and cuddle up with your child--even teens!


Schedule the same time every day. Bedtime often works well, but find other times, too! If you are waiting for an appointment, bring books along instead of reaching for a device. An extra few minutes

a day, makes a difference.

Hearing you read-aloud, strengthens your bond with each other and with books!

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Young Children

  • Rhymes, songs and predicable text

  • Repeated words and word families

  • Read a book many times pausing on a key word so the child can say it.

  • Have fun, laugh and cuddle!


  • Most important is to have fun!

  • Look at the cover and make predictions.

  • During: point out what is interesting to you and ask what they think is interesting.

  • Ask What is the problem in this story?

  • Discuss: what are their thoughts about how characters overcame their problems.

  • Talk about stories other times of the day and make connections to real situations.

  • Bring the author to life with online searches and see if they have a website.

  • Model good reading habits. Have books other good reads around the house.

  • Keep favorite books from earlier years in a special spot and they will treasure them!

Kids With ADHD

  • Read-aloud while child is doing a quiet preferred activity or holding a toy.

  • If child insists on a certain book, take turns: first my choice, then yours.

  • Read the same book 3-5 days in a row to build familiarity, acceptance and desire.

Differently Abled

  • Audio books from the library or a website

  • Ask relatives or friends to record books

  • Be sure to sit with your children while they listen and interact!



Trelease, Jim. (2013). The Read- Aloud Handbook. (7 th ed.). New York, NY: Penguin Books.

Best Tip for Educators

Reading out loud to children of all ages–yes, even teens–builds language and reading comprehension by strengthening background knowledge. Let’s make reading with kids everyday every family's goal!

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Share this tri-fold brochure with your student’s families!

Nancy's Blog

For over a decade, I have worked with kids who happen to have autism. This blog is to share strategies with parents, paras, aides, and tutors.

I look forward to your feedback--tell me what works and ask me your questions!

Connect with local authors

SCBWI is the preeminent membership organization for children’s book creators. We are a global community of writers, illustrators, translators, publishers, librarians, advocates, and other industry professionals working to establish a more imaginative and inclusive world through the power of children’s literature. Founded in 1971, SCBWI has more than 22,000 members worldwide.

Check out your local chapter’s website for information about local authors who do virtual or in-person visits. Many authors have teacher guides to their books available on their websites. 

Select your region from this global list on the SCBWI website.

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Stephen’s Quick Tip for Staying Calm

Stephen is proud of this strategy for staying calm. Download this file to save on a device, or print a poster or small visual card and practice mindfulness with your children or students often!

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Nancy's Facebook Group

Get to know authors and the books they publish about Neurodiversity! Help me build this group, by joining and sharing with others. 

Neurodiverse Booklist

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Along the way, I have met read stories about so many neurodiverse topics. I compiled a short list of mostly picture books. I included a couple nonfiction books that I follow regarding teaching and speaking. 

I will continue to add to this list. Let me know what you recommend through my contact page. 

Happy Reading!

Nancy Roop

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