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Developmental Books

Developmental Books Adapted
for Neurodiversity

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What are Developmental Books?

Developmental books adapt the book to the child like educators do in small groups or one-to-one teaching.

"I design developmental books to dissolve learning barriers for neurodiverse children, who are not successful with traditional early chapter books. Special attention is given to their sensory, social, emotional, and academic needs by presenting a story in three distinct genres: journalism, expository nonfiction, and prose. A transition before each section prepares the nervous reader for what is to come. Embedded comprehension strategies and backmatter support overall growth in language arts.


Written for enjoyment of striving readers with content based on upper-elementary Common Core standards for science and social studies, any child who has graduated from decodable readers will be drawn to accessible stories that are realistic, relatable, and relevant.”   


--Nancy Roop

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Neurodiversity and Special Education

Students in Special Education make up 13.7% of total enrollment.

In the graph below, language-based disorders make up most of the services provided. Improvements in classifications and delivery of services, specifically with autism and other health impairments, make up the biggest change between 2000 and 2018.

  • ADHD is categorized as other health impairment which impedes alertness.

  • Speech or Language Impairment impacts ability to learn to read and comprehend.

  • Specific learning disability includes language disorders of dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Image and statistics courtesy of:

Pew Research Center.

1. National Center of Educational Statistics.

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