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Nancy Roop promotes neurodiversity and inclusion by publishing developmental books and speaking at educational conferences—or to anyone, anywhere. Her early chapter books have embedded comprehension strategies, so readers learn how to extract meaning from books. These developmental books look like traditional books, but are sensory-friendly, model social connections, and support self-regulation.


How I can help

I bring a unique perspective to the challenges of self-regulation because I experience high levels of dysregulation and I am also able to explain it so others can get it.


It can be so difficult as an adult, and our kids have an even harder time, because they and their caregivers haven’t had a chance to make the connections needed to improve personal outcomes. 


Before a child can learn, they must be regulated. I help develop a plan to support students in a way that they learn self-regulation. The goal is self reliance, and many traditional special education methods ignore this. We need to create an environment so neurodivergent learners can strive!

You need speakers to deliver authentic and evidence-based content, and if you choose me, you can relax and know that I will personalize content to meet your needs!


Past talks include

2022 Michigan Reading Association Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Creating an Equitable and Inclusive Environment for Neurodiverse Learners.


Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence Conference


Supporting Neurodiverse Student’s Emotional Regulation and Learning in the General Education Classroom



Supporting Neurodivergent Student’s Sensory,  Emotional, and Cognitive Regulation

March 2024

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