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With Alex and Jordan

The Message Board
Hosted by Alex and Jordan

Alex and Jordan want to connect with you!


In The Big Aquarium Adventure, you saw their interview, report and story. They have more ideas to share with you like animal fun facts and what they have been working on.


And they would also like to find out what you have been reading, writing, and drawing. If you would like to show them, please ask a parent or an adult family member about submitting your writing and drawings to our Message Board.

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Some Fun Downloads!

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How to Interview

In the book, The Big Aquarium Adventure, Alex interviews Stephen about a family trip during vacation. Alex, likes to find out information by asking questions, and you can, too!

Alex wrote a series of questions to find out information about a friend's pet. He typed up a list of questions, and you can download them here with the help from an adult. 

Alex would like to know what you find out, so please consider submitting your interview to the Forum.

American Bullfrog Coloring Pages!

American Bullfrog

American Bullfrog Coloring Page.png

Do you like frogs? Here is a coloring page that you can download with the help of your parent. 

Stephen really likes frogs in the book The Big Aquarium Adventure. He would love to see your coloring page. You can upload it in the Forum.

Life Cycle of an American Bullfrog

Do you like frogs and pollywogs? This life cycle has both! With the help from a parent, you can download this coloring page. 

Stephen would like to see how you colored this page. With the help from an adult, you can upload it in the Forum.

Animal Pictures

Create animal cards by printing on card stock and cutting apart.

Game: Use these animal pictures for a game of memory.

Story Writing: Shuffle cards, and choose two and them. Or, for a challenge, pick three cards.

Up can upload your story on the message board with the help of an adult.

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Marine Habitat Background Drawing Page!

Would you like to draw sea animals in their natural habitat? With the help of a parent, you can download this sea water background. 

Marianna Boune is the illustrator of The Big Aquarium Adventure, and she loves looking at art. She would love to see yours in the Forum!

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The Big Aquarium Adventure

This is our first book in the series, Alex and Jordan Explore!


Alex and Jordan explore Stephen's visit to a big aquarium with an interview and research. Stephen shares his thoughts about marine life, and how frogs kept him calm after someone suggests that he touch a clearnose skate. Jordan creates a report with five North American animals' size, habitat, and life cycle. Then together, Alex and Jordan write a story titled, Stephen’s Visit to the Aquarium! 

The book has 3 parts:

  • an interview by Alex

  • a report by Jordan

  • a story about Stephen

I hope you get a chance to read it and learn about frogs, fish, turtles, sharks, and skates!

The author who wrote the book is Nancy Roop. The illustrator is Mariana Boune. This is their first published book, and they plan to make many more together!

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Meet the Author, Nancy!

Nancy wrote The Big Aquarium Adventure! She is also a mom, grandmother, and substitute teacher.


A few years ago, she got the idea to write early chapter books. She had to learn many things, and decide what to write about. 

When she was on vacation, she went to The National Aquarium and realized that writing about sealife would be a wonderful experience. She knew that many kids like sea animals, too. 

Nancy is working on new books, too! So be sure to watch for more.

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