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Developmental Books

Available in Spiral Bound,
Hardcover, Paperback and E-book.

The Big Aquarium Adventure; Learn About Frogs, Fish, Turtles, Sharks, and Skates!

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Discover what helps Stephen stay calm—frogs or skates?

Come with Alex & Jordan as they explore and write about his visit to a big aquarium where he is challenged by a shocking request! Informational fiction that is real, relatable, and relevant!

Developmental Toys

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Focus on a child's development and provide targeted educational toys from birth to adult. 

Toys will be sent directly to you within a

few days so the fun starts right away! 

Special needs and autism brochures are helpful for targeting goals and interests!

Toy Guides

Discovery Toys is committed to bringing fun, safe and developmentally appropriate toys and products to children and adults of all abilities and special needs. Children with developmental disabilities, like all children, develop at a unique rate and pattern of development. Our products have useful applications for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

How to Use these Guides

STEP 1: Identify the individual's educational goals based on their needs.

STEP 2: Use the chart to choose toys and products to meet the individual's needs.

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