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Developmental Texts is closed to general submissions.

Developmental Texts is seeking writers and illustrators as individuals for contracted work-for-hire.

The Big Aquarium Adventure is the first in a series of early chapter books designed for neurodivergent readers. The content has science and social studies educational standards based on Michigan's Department of Education's website. 

The format is specific, and every book in the Alex and Jordan Explore series is based on an interview by Alex, research of five elements, and a narrative nonfiction story. A new character will be developed in each book, who will have an experience unique to the place they visit, along with a problem or challenge that they are able to resolve.


The format also includes keywords, think aheads, and think behinds. The backmatter is based on English Language Arts activities for reading comprehension, and this will not be expected by the writer (you). Please view the advanced review copy as a sample. Assignments will be coordinated by the Managing Editor and Art Director and will provide ongoing guidance and support.

Those interested in being considered, may submit a cover letter and 1-3 short writing and/or illustration samples to Nancy Roop via email to Please copy and paste into the body of the email. Attachments will not be opened.

Samples should be of any work for children. You are encouraged to express the type of place/five elements that you want to work on, and/or a character that you have in mind. 

Questions about this process can be sent to

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